Round Judging of the Siren Awards

Round judging is completed by the Siren Creative Council as well as Round Winners from the previous round. This ensures an objective approach to the judging but still maintains the important involvement of the winners of the previous round judging the next round.

Finalist Judging of the Siren Awards

The Siren Creative Council judges all entries deemed as Finalists each year to determine the Silver & Gold Siren winners. During the Finalist Judging three Silver Siren winners are selected in each of the three categories; Radio Single, Campaign & Craft. From the Silver Siren winners in Radio Single and Campaign, one winner is selected as the overall winner of the annual Siren Awards and awarded the Gold Siren.

Client Award Judging of the Siren Awards

The Siren Awards includes the award known as the Siren Client Award.  This is won by one of the five overall round winners and is judged by a panel made up of clients – rather than agency creative directors.  The client panel is made up of the clients who commissioned the winning Gold and Silver Siren winners from the years. Invitations are also made to specific category guest judges. The Award is a cash prize of $5,000.
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