2011 Siren Award Round 5 Winners

The winning team said: “You need an idea that‟s clever enough to earn attention. The idea also needs to
be relevant enough to demonstrate the promise.
“An essentially bland topic inspired us. We knew the campaign needed some creativity if it was going to
work. We started with the line „does not negotiate‟ as a bit of a funny euphemism, and then developed the
approach from there. The idea of pests being „unwanted houseguests‟ gave us the basis for the scenario
and it all came together nicely.”
Judge and previous round winner, Richard Williams from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne said about the
winning ad: “This spot stood out from the pack purely due to the fact it was very funny. The talent and
timing were perfect and helped create a very memorable and humorous commercial.”
Winner of the campaign category was an ad written for SBS, by agency US Sydney, called “Immigration
Nation”, which promotes a document about Australia‟s history. Writers were Nigel Clark and Tim Chenery.
Judge, Brad Grisaffe from Audiobrien said: “Loved the way the spots lure the listener into thinking that they
are listening to an old Movietone newsreel about the merits of Australia, and then subvert the whole
subject of our immigration history....well done!"
Highly commended in the single category was an ad for Carlton Dry, written by Seymour Pope and Luke
Thompson from agency Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne. The ad, called “Stevo”, uses humour to promote
Winner of the craft category was an ad called “Tasting” for VB, from production studios, Eardrum and
Sound Reservoir, by sound engineers, Ralph van Dijk at Eardrum and Paul Taylor from Sound Reservoir.
Judge of the craft category, Paul Le Couteur from Flagstaff Studios said: “The VB track hangs off a great
performance and production that puts you in the pub without being obvious about it. Natural performance
and realistic SFX are always going to yield a strong result. I like the notion of hearing a real guy trying to
spit out wanker beer hyperboles.”
The national Siren Awards are run by Commercial Radio Australia and are designed to recognise the best
radio advertising in the country. Winners of round five will compete with all other winners for the 2011 Gold
Siren, which will be announced at a breakfast in Sydney at the Star Room, Imax Theatre on Friday, May 6.
The winning ad will be entered into the Cannes Advertising Festival and the writers will receive a free trip to
Cannes courtesy of Commercial Radio Australia.

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