Round 4 Winners announced

The winner of the overall and single categories was the ad for Fosters Carlton Draught called
“Mos Def Freshest Draught Beer”, written by Richard Williams and Anthony Phillips and includes as many “fresh”
words as possible in 30 seconds. The winning campaign category included the “Mos Def Freshest Draught Beer” ad
and two other Carlton Draught ads, “We’re so Fresh it’s Epic” and “We’re so Fresh it’s Crunk”.
Winning writers, Richard Williams and Anthony Phillips admitted even they didn’t know what some of the fresh words
were. “It has the most amount of abbreviations and acronyms ever used in a radio commercial. Our favourite is
NIFOC. It’s a real acronym and it stands for Nude In Front Of Computer. Who on Earth decided that they used that
statement so many times that they had to make it an acronym?”
The winning team said: “The most important thing when writing a radio ad was to try and make people laugh. Winning
the Siren award will keep us attempting to write better radio campaigns while NIFOC.”
Previous round winner, Dean Hunt from ad agency BMF was a judge in round 4 and said: “There were four or five
very good radio campaigns to pick from in this round. In the end, a post-lunch-test revealed the Carlton Draught,
“Fresh” spots as victor. They were well written, with great use of voice over and most of all, entertaining.”
Sirens Council judge, Joseph Talcott said: “Is there a fresh way to say “fresh” in a beer ad? I discovered that there
are, in fact, several. The Carlton Draught campaign kept my attention by challenging me to keep up with all the fresh
ways to say “fresh”.
Winner of the craft category was a Vegemite ad for Kraft, called “Vegemite Edger”, featuring a new take on the well
known Vegemite jingle, produced by sound engineers Ralph van Dijk (Eardrum) and Scott Collins (Plush Films), with
creative director Richard Muntz of JWT Melbourne.
Highly commended in the single category, was the ad for Selley’s Turtle Wax called “Wax Job” written by Campaign
Palace writers Matt Swinburne and John Koay and directed by Matt Swinburne and Kate Caughley.
There were three highly commended campaigns in the overall category. They were; a digital radio campaign for
Commercial Radio Australia called “Choice Bro/Latest 30/Moved Out” from Eardrum, written by Ralph van Dijk and
Cal Nichols, an ad for called “If it exits” from Leo Burnett Melbourne, written by Andrew Woodhead and
directed by Paul Baxter and a National Foods ad titled “South Cape. For Every Emergency”, from BMF writers Philip
Sicklinger and Corrine Goode and directed by Steve Williams.
The two highly commended ads in the craft category were; “Solo Car Park” for Solo from production studio, Sound
Reservoir by sound engineer, Paul Taylor and the ad “Sport & Style – Cricket” for The Age, from the production
studio Risk Sound by sound engineer, Paul Baxter.

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