Siren Awards 2011, Round 2 Winners Announced!

The winner of the overall and campaign category was a campaign of three ads
for National Foods and its Dare Iced Coffee product, called “The Fist, The Date and The Reunion.” The
single ad winner, "The Fist", was from the same campaign. Writer of the ads was Michael Skarbek.
Judge, and previous round winner, Josh Edge from agency, The Brand Agency in Perth said about the
winning ad: “We like the Dare Iced Coffee Campaign for its simple, human insight – that “coffee” moments
are usually the sort of moments men would rather undergo an emergency vasectomy than attend – and the
great, punchy writing. Making an honest insight funny is harder work than it looks, but these ads make it
looks effortless.”
Winning writer, Michael Skarbek said: “It’s not that these ads are unique, they just use a style that doesn’t
really get used all that often anymore on radio – the simple art of storytelling. Just a voice, no sound effects
or music, drawing you in with a story you haven’t heard before, which hopefully makes you smile.”
There was one highly commended ad in the campaign category. It was an ad for called
“People who like to bet on the net”, written by Brendan Greaney and Andrew Woodhead from agency, Leo
Burnett Melbourne.
Winner of the craft category was an ad for the South Australian government initiative, Be Active called “Be
Active the Musical”. The initiative, which aims to make South Australians more physically active, was
produced by Eddie Bye from Adelaide’s Nova 919.
Judge, Vaughan Jones from Prime Radio Network said about the winning ad: “These commercials
demonstrate a range of technical craft. The engineer needed to create an instantly recognisable theatre
ambiance and transition to a musical parody in a way that made sense to the listener, without the luxury of
explanatory dialogue. Overall, a risky concept that relied heavily on the ability of the recording engineer to
deliver a real, believable environment. A very vivid result was achieved. A perfect mental image.”
Judge and previous round winner of the craft category, Martyn Zub from production studio, Oasis Post in
Adelaide, said:"The pace and timing of the sound edit worked really well for me, adding to the humour of
the track. Great, funny stuff, makes me want to start singing!"
There was one highly commended ad in the craft category. It was an ad for Adelaide Now called “World
Cup Soccer” and was produced by sound engineer, Justin Astbury from production studio, Oasis Post in
The national Siren Awards are run by Commercial Radio Australia and are designed to recognise the best
radio advertising in the country. Entries for round three of the 2011 Siren Awards are now open and close
on September 17. For more information visit the dedicated website

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