Sirens 2011 Round 1 Winners

Judge, David Roberts, creative from US Sydney said about the winning ad: “Great story, great casting. By
far the best ad ever done about a red eyed tree frog.”
Writers, Josh Edge and Rikki Burns said the most important elements in creating an effective radio ad
were: “Cut-through. Space to breathe. Great talent. Time. A client that understands the medium.”
They said about the inspiration for their ad: “At first we tried forced association techniques, like getting a
tortoise to mate with a gazelle. When that appeared to fail, we instead focused on the fact that people
tended to look like the animals they loved. Like how my mum likes Golden Retrievers. And how Val Kilmer
likes Puffer Fish.”
There were two highly commended ads in the single category. Both talk about the effects of stroke for the
National Stroke Foundation and were called “Emma – Mirror” and “Glen – Vocal Chord.” Both ads were
written by Josh Armstrong, Chris Shoolman and Sanjay Rego from agency, Draftcb in Melbourne.
Winner of the campaign category was also the National Stroke Foundation, with a campaign encouraging
people to check their blood pressure. The campaign called “A stroke makes even the simplest things hard”,
includes the two highly commended ads in the single category and was written by Josh Armstrong, Chris
Shoolman and Sanjay Rego from agency, Draftcb in Melbourne.
Highly commended in the campaign category was “Sports Slurpee” promoting slurpees for 7-Eleven. The
ads were written by Andrew Woodhead from agency, Leo Burnett in Melbourne.
Winner of the craft category was an ad for Adelaide Zoo called “Bath” which promotes an unusual Mother’s
Day gift to encourage people to visit the Zoo. It was produced by sound engineer, Martyn Zub from
production studio, Oasis Post in Adelaide.
There was one highly commended ad in the craft category. It was an ad for the Red Square Complex
called “Red Square Re-Born”, produced by sound engineer, Eddie Bye from production studio, Nova 919 in
The national Siren Awards are run by Commercial Radio Australia and are designed to recognise the best
radio advertising in the country. This year there are some new elements to the Awards including:
• the round judging will now include two judges from the Siren Creative Council as well as the winner
of the previous round.
 12 July 2010 • The 2011 Siren Awards will also include an additional award known as the Siren Client Award. This
will be won by one of the five overall round winners and will be judged by a panel made up of
clients – rather than agency creative directors. The client panel will be made up of the clients who
commissioned the winning Gold and Silver Siren winners from the year before and invitations will
also be made to specific category guest judges. The Award will be a cash prize of $5,000.

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