Sirens winner picks up Gold Radio Lion in Cannes

The winning ad, “Holidays”, which promotes Ikea kitchens in a humorous way, was written by
Tim Green and Tim Cairns.
The winning team said: “We were inspired by the idea of a regular unskilled guy attempting to
install a kitchen by himself and what the flow-on effect might be. We tried to imagine what
having your Dad install a kitchen would be like, seen through the eyes of an enthusiastic six
year old.
“Treat a radio ad as though it is an opportunity until proven otherwise. Radio ads are often used
to speed read a shopping list of product benefits, but like all good ads if you can just focus on
saying one thing well you’ll be winning.”
Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said this was a great result
- up against the best radio ads around the world.
“Congratulations to all the winners at Cannes and also all the ads shortlisted, which is an
excellent result given the fierce competition,” Ms Warner said.
The Ikea ad was one of five Australian ads to win at Cannes overnight and one of several to be
shortlisted earlier in the week.
The winning Australian ads are: (listed by agency, client, title)
Three Drunk Monkeys Sydney, Ikea, “Holidays” – Gold Lion
Jay Grey Sydney, 4 Pines Brewing Company - three Silver Lions
Eardrum Sydney, Strepsils Throat Lozenges, “Product Placement” – Bronze Lion
Ms Warner said winning a Gold Lion was an excellent result for Australia. In 2007, an Australian
radio ad won the Grand Prix Radio Lions.
The national Siren Awards, now in their seventh year, are run by Commercial Radio Australia
and are designed to recognise the best radio advertising in the country.

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