Three Drunk Monkeys wins first round 2012 Sirens

The winning team said: “We were inspired by the idea of a regular unskilled guy attempting to install a
kitchen by himself and what the flow-on effect might be. We tried to imagine what having your Dad install a
kitchen would be like, seen through the eyes of an enthusiastic six year old.
“Treat a radio ad as though it is an opportunity until proven otherwise. Radio ads are often used to speed
read a shopping list of product benefits, but like all good ads if you can just focus on saying one thing well
you’ll be winning.”
Judge and round five winner from 2011, Matt Dickson from Austereo said about the winning ad: “We loved
the IKEA ad because it just seemed like a really interesting way to get the message across on radio. An ad
for kitchens could be quite uninspiring, but you add a neat idea, a great acting performance from a kid and
some swearing, and presto!”
Highly commended in the single category was an ad for Allpest called “Does Not negotiate – Cockroaches”
written by Alida Henson, Garry Dean, Ingrid Paxton and Matt Dickson from Austereo in Perth.
Also highly commended in the single category was an ad called “Baby” for the WA Office of Road Safety,
written by Dav Tabeshfar from the 303 Group in Perth.
Winner of the campaign category was written for Mother Energy Drink, by agency Smart in Sydney, called
“Wakes You the Hell Up; Morning Number 2; No Navel Gazing; After Nothing”. Writers were Dan Gregory
and Kieran Flanagan.
Highly commended in the campaign category was “Enjoy the Sounds” for the WA Office of Road Safety,
written by written by Dav Tabeshfar from the 303 Group in Perth.
Winner of the craft category was an ad for SA Lotteries called “Scratched Record”, from production studio,
Best FX in Adelaide, by sound engineers, Scott Illingworth and Pete Best.
Judge of the craft category, Paul Le Couteur from Flagstaff Studios said: “Stepping back in time is where
the craft lies in this track. Heavy EQ shelfing, plenty of wow and flutter, some nifty editing and a nice dose
of vinyl noise bed and scratches create the sonic bed. Old school performance and casting complete the
picture of a broken or scratched record jumping. Since Scratchies are what we are talking about, the
production drives home the idea.”
 17 June 2011Highly commended in the craft category were two ads, both produced by sound engineer Paul Baxter at
studio, Risk Sound in Melbourne. Both ads were for Defence Force Recruiting – one was called “Courage”
and the other was “Confidence”.

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