For A Cure Foundation ad wins round one 2013 Sirens

Written by Gav Chimes and Tommy Cehak from
agency, JayGrey in Sydney, the ad is called “Daniel”.
Winning writers, Gav Chimes and Tommy Cehak said their inspiration for the ad came from exploring the
benefits of stem cell research: “It’s a powerful thing but there’s little awareness about it. There’s a lot of
misunderstanding when it comes to stem cell research. For this reason, the general public doesn’t think or
talk about it, and remain largely unaware of the benefits. We wanted to wake people up by reframing the
issue and focusing on the suffering that can be alleviated.”
Highly commended in the single category was an ad for Ikea called “Gas Leak” written by Tim Green and
Karen Ferry from agency, The Monkeys in Sydney.
Also highly commended in the single category was an ad for SBS called “Bite Me Vietnam” written by
David Roberts and Tim Chenery from agency Us Sydney.
Winner of the campaign category was “Chocolatte/Mango/Cafe Au Lait” for Bannister Downs Dairy milk,
written by Steve Browning from agency, Writing by Steve Browning in Perth.
Winner of the craft category was an ad for hand tools company, Stanley FatMax, called “Win a serious
high”, produced by sound engineer, Paul Baxter from production studio, Risk Sound in Melbourne.
Highly commended in the craft category was an ad for Commercial Radio Australia called “Mothers’ Day
Dad”, produced by sound engineers, Ralph van Dijk from production studio, Eardrum Australia in Sydney
and Abby Sie from Song Zu in Sydney.
The national Siren Awards are run by Commercial Radio Australia and are designed to recognise the best
radio advertising in the country.
Media contact: Jenny Stevenson – 0402 214 039.

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