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Marketforce and Internode team up again to win fourth round of 2014 Sirens

12 Dec 13 An ad by Western Australian creative agency Marketforce for internet provider Internode, has won the fourth round of the 2014 Siren Awards. [more] file type .pdf

The Geekiest Promo in the Universe claims third round of 2014 Sirens

21 Oct 13 A campaign for internet provider, Internode, has won the third round of the 2014 Siren Awards. [more] file type .pdf

Gold Siren winner claims Radio Grand Prix at Cannes Lions

20 Jun 13 The “Dumb Ways to Die” campaign, featuring the 2013 Gold Siren winning ad “Set Fire to Your Hair”, has continued its domination at the Cannes Lions by claiming the Radio Grand Prix. [more] file type .pdf

VW fatigue detection ads win first round

17 Jun 13 A series of ads promoting Volkswagen’s Fatigue Detection Technology has won the campaign and overall categories in round one of the 2014 Siren Awards. [more] file type .pdf

2013 Siren Winners Announced

10 May 13 The ad "Set Fire to Your Hair", part of the "Dumb Ways to Die" campaign for Metro Trains Melbourne, has won the 2013 Gold Siren award for best radio ad of the year. [more] file type .pdf

2013 Siren Finalists Announced

15 Apr 13 The best radio ad of 2013 will be battled out between more than 25 ad agencies, radio stations and production studios as part of the national Siren Awards, which will be announced in Sydney next month. [more] file type .pdf

Dumb Ways to Die wins clean sweep in Round 5 of Sirens

26 Mar 13
A campaign for Metro Trains Melbourne called “Dumb Ways to Die”, written by John Mescall and Pat
Baron from agency McCann in Melbourne has won all categories in round 5 of the 2013 Sirens Awards.
[more] file type .pdf

Amazing McValue ad wins round four of Siren Awards

18 Jan 13 An ad for McDonalds called “Amazing”, has won the single and overall categories in round four of the 2013 Siren Awards. [more] file type .pdf
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