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play button Allpest: Bed fart An annoying husband highlights the unfortunate fact that while Allpest kill many pests, they don't do husbands. Southern Cross Austereo Perth
play button BCF: Insolvent Rugs The stocktake sales are here, but getting dragged around the homemaker centres isn’t all bad. Remember that next door to every snooty towel emporium and boring rug shop, is a BCF outdoor superstore. Clemenger BBDO, Brisbane
play button Boost Juice: Name Game There's a million names out there, but all that matters is when yours comes up, in Boost Juice's What's Your Name Game. The Studio at SCA
play button Butcher Shop & Grill: Sirloin No matter how badly your day is going, the prospect of steak always makes it seem better Horizon FCB Dubai
play button Commercial Radio Australia: Radio's Fair Share - Spotify In our latest campaign for Commercial Radio Australia, we thought it was time to give some of the 'other' audio platforms their fair share of airtime Eardrum Australia
play button Complete DJ: Scratch Master Craig If you don’t book a professional DJ for your wedding, party or event, what’s the worst that could happen? Work from The Studio at SCA The Studio at SCA
play button Digital Radio: Flatmates: Shower With over 20 new stations and loads more choice, digital radio is the ‘box you can't beat’. So what better way to promote digital radio's awesomeness than to use the most talented beat-boxer on the planet, Tom Thum. When his flatmate decides to buy a digital radio for the home, Tom's not a fan. But as he starts to check-out all the new stations, it doesn't take long for Tom to change his tune. I Eardrum
play button Harley-Davidson: Harley-Davidson 'Hulk' Featuring the Hulk, this radio spot promotes Harley's epic bike build-off, and an exhibit of the Super Hero Customs collection at Oz Comic-Con, Sydney. 303 MullenLowe
play button KFC Double Down Burger - No One Cheerses Men aren't supposed to get emotional. If something sad happens they are supposed to bottle it all up inside. But KFC is for everyone and believes every man is a man, even if he gets sad. Ogilvy & Mather, Johannesburg
play button Landscaping Victoria: Who did the pppaaavvviiinnnggg!!!! This ad explores the consequences of getting the wrong landscaper. The Studio at SCA
play button Maltesers: Twisted Trailers - Texas Chainsaw Massacre A bag of Maltesers can lighten up any movie even if they happen to be considered some of the scariest movies of all time. Expert writing, craft and comic timing combine to turn three classic horror films into some good old fashioned family fun. Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
play button MTS: Cheating Radio According to Russian law, commercials of some certain categories (e.g. real estate, pharma, etc.) must contain legal information – the so called disclaimer: license number, legal address, age restrictions, etc. For the sake of saving, many advertisers fit this information in a turbo mode: speed up this part of a spot. BBDO Russia Group and MTS bought the shortest available duration for the spots o BBDO Russia Group
play button New Zealand Police: Bang Bang In an effort to arrest the growing number of gun accidents in New Zealand, NZ Police launched 'Engage Safety', an initiative that promotes the safe storage and handling of firearms. This radio advertisement was aimed at gun-owning parents and highlighted the fact that kids like to pretend anything’s a gun, so it is easy to guess what would happen if they found a real one. Agency: Ogilvy & Mather N Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand
play button NSW Fire & Safety: Simmering In New South Wales, a large percentage of home fires are started because people simply get distracted from cooking and leave the kitchen. We wanted to remind people of these everyday distractions and how un-attending cooking could quickly lead to fire.Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney Leo Burnett, Sydney
play button Agent Finder Non-Agent 2 Radio campaign for real estate group REIWA's online service to select a reputable selling agent. Meerkats Perth
play button Rich Red Tomato Sauce: Lisa The Lamb & The Magical Fairy Give your food the sauce it deserves. FCB Auckland
play button 313 @Sumerset: Universe Imagine the cosmic improbability of your existence. The Integer Group, Singapore (TBWA)
play button AA Campaign Alcoholics Annonymous Gatecrasher
play button American Garden Popcorn: Electric Boogaloo A story about two cool yet socially conscious break dancers. Y&R, Dubai
play button BFM 89.9 The Business Station, Audrey Since breast cancer can strike when least expected, can an awareness campaign do the same? BFM Media Sdn Bhd
play button Booty Call Lose your licence and you're screwed Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide
play button Butcher No Nonsense Insurance Publicis QMP, Dublin
play button Children's panel - Hear The Voice Can you hear the most important voice? Scottish Government
play button City Farmers: Pets are Australian Too. Because pets are Australian too. Groves and Groves
play button Co-worker Tackling a serious problem head on Gatecrasher Advertising, Perth
play button Crafty Beggars: Name A crafty or wacky name does not make it taste good DDB, New Zealand
play button Dad The one that got away DDB, New Zealand
play button Discovery 4: Cleanse Do you need to get out more? Y&R South Africa
play button Double Chin Keep your chins up Publicis Mojo, Aukland
play button Dover: Auto Tune Magazine model with immaculate skin.. Ogilvy, London
play button Dublin Bus: Narrator An App so special it required a narrator.. Rothco
play button Exchange Tower Secret Don't worry, It's a secret Naked Communications Australia
play button Four 'N' Twenty Aussies Classics pie range The magnificant Four 'N' Twenty Aussie classics pie range. Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
play button Gilroy's Brewery: One Trick Tony Gilroy's Brewery, where it all goes down. The Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory
play button Holidays We can install the whole f!#$ing thing for you The Monkeys, Sydney
play button Home Time Time to say hello evening The Monkeys, Sydney
play button Ikea: Ouija The new IKEA catalogue has arrived, make time for a good read. 303LOWE Perth
play button In Sync Spending too much time with the wife Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
play button ING Insurance - Alan Meet your future self Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur
play button Just Cremations: Jacks 60 sec No fuss, No frills, No excess baggage. Riley Mathewson Public Relations
play button Online retailer: Game of Pooh Get two books for the price of one JWT, Cape Town
play button Kung Foo It can all change in an instant DDB New Zealand
play button Lexus: Cliches Lexus, the persuit of perfection. DraftFCB, Johannesburg
play button LG: Titanic Forward and rewind your movies with LG TV with time machine feature Y&R Sao Paulo
play button Arnott's Shapes: Supermarket Pop Buy the new Shapes range and you get a free song with every pack. Something the supermarket cashiers in these ads saw to personally. Y&R New Zealand
play button McDonald's: Signs you love Caramel There are plenty of signs you love McDonaldâs. Here are a few signs from DDB Auckland you'll love their new caramel shake. DDB Auckland
play button City Of Perth: Taps Does your mum need to get out more? The City of Perth has the answer. Marketforce Perth
play button Crafty Beggars: Beer Insurance Standard Our beer taste so good it's even covered by beer insurance. DDB New Zealand
play button Methodus Love Don't trust the online translator. Learn English at Methodus school. Lew' Lara TBWA, Sao Paulo
play button Mini: Mustard Jeans Your quest for uniqueness. DraftFBC, Auckland
play button Monster Munch: Alien What else would monsters munch? AMV BBDO, London
play button Morning Face You get it when you don't sleep well. Oink Ink Radio, USA
play button Mother Beep Had enough of poor radio reception? Eardrum, Sydney
play button Motor Accident Commission. The Phone Don't give in to your phone, you can live without it. Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide
play button Nandos - Cat Video Craving Nandos? Y&R Dubai
play button Olay. 33 Time stops whenever you want. Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
play button Renault: CINEMA Afford to live again. Publicis, Dublin
play button Rent Pride of place 303 Group, Perth
play button Safe n Sound: Joe Joe has 3 minutes to submit his final essay... DDB Melbourne
play button Breeze Washing Detergent: Chocolate Todays stains are complex, removing them is simple. Lowe Singapore
play button Say Cheese Fast snaps The Factory, Santiago
play button Scratched Record Instant scratchies gift packs Best FX
play button Slap Lets talk colour Lowe, Singapore
play button Snickers: Trojan Horse Your not you when your hungry! BBDO, New York
play button St Ives Home Care: The Pitch People over the age of 60 can’t clearly decipher a noise broadcast between 6000 12,000 hertz.So, we broadcast an ad at 8000 hertz which disguises the difficult conversation we're about to have for older audience members. Let’s have a private conversation about your raging parents.Agency : Marketforce, Perth Marketforce, Perth
play button St Johns Ambulance Workplace First Aid: Atery Emergencies can happen without warning The Brand Agency, Perth
play button - Make Winter Great Again - Cold The ads are a funny parody of Donald Trump's speeches, used to illustrate our brand's benefits. M&C Saatchi Abel
play button The A Team Harder you work, better it tastes AJF Partnership, Melbourne
play button Tiger Balm - Pen When the muscles are sore, even a little things like picking up a pen hurt. TBWA Thailand
play button Trader Classifieds Online: Missing out Missing is not getting the very best deal... Grey, Melbourne
play button Vitek Vodka: Vitek Negotiator Not so good at some things, brilliant at making Vodka JayGrey, Sydney

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